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Plawdlik HDPE Adirondack Side Table

Plawdlik HDPE Adirondack Side Table

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When you're relaxing and enjoying yourself on Plawdlik's Adirondack Chairs, don't you also need a side table to place your book, phone, or beverage? Take a look at our side table, which is made of the same recycled HDPE as the chairs and is perfect for accompanying them.

Product Information

Dimension: 1"D x 0.99"W x 0.98"H

Color: Black / Grey / Aruba Blue / Navy Blue

Application: Patio, Pool, Porch, Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Backyard Lawn...

Product Features

1. Plawdlik's side table has precisely pre-drilled holes, ensuring a hassle-free assembly experience. Made of durable HDPE material with an attractive wood grain finish, it overcomes the shortcomings of non-waterproof wood, preventing peeling and cracking. It is an excellent choice and has passed SGS laboratory material durability testing to ensure long-term use.

2. Our side table is designed for easy assembly. Just follow the included instructions and use the provided tools to tighten the screws and put the parts together. We prioritize your convenience and aim to make assembly as simple as possible.

3. Our side table is built to handle any outdoor environment, from intense sunlight to heavy snow and coastal winds. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and functionality in any situation. And cleaning and upkeep is a breeze, perfect for convenient everyday use.

4. Our side table has dimensions of 18.7×14.37×18.11 inches, making it perfectly sized for any space. Whether you need a place for books, drinks, or flowers, it frees up your hands so you can relax and enjoy. It pairs wonderfully with Adirondack chairs and can be used outdoors or indoors as a coffee table, plant stand, or telephone table.

5. We are open to other styles of custom services. Please contact us for further help!

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