recycled hdpe adirondack chairs

Plawdlik HDPE- Finest Raw Material and Craft

Best Grade Recycled HDPE Granules

recycled hdpe plastic granules

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for incoming materials to guarantee excellent quality in every batch of recycled plastic. With a reliable procurement system and plentiful reserves, we can produce quickly and deliver on time.

Factory Capability&Quality Control

Our HDPE sheet production lines are the most professional, ensuring high quality and timely delivery. Furthermore, our expert technology, production team, and quality control system guarantee that our products always meet the highest standards, giving customers complete peace of mind.

hdpe adirondack chairs by beach

OEM&ODM Available

We welcome custom orders as our furniture offers abundant options in design, application, and color. If you have any outdoor furniture design ideas, feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to fulfilling your outdoor furniture needs.


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