hdpe adirondack chairs

Plawdlik Adirondack Chair– Plastic Recycling and Environmental Protection

At Plawdlik, all our outdoor furniture is made from recycled HDPE.


Plastic pollution has become a global issue, and protecting the natural environment is a shared goal and responsibility for all of us. That's why Plawdlik champions the concept of plastic recycling, turning waste into treasure. By transforming discarded HDPE into aesthetically pleasing and durable furniture, we are able to achieve two beneficial outcomes at once! Let's work together towards a greener future.


Forests are essential for the wellbeing of people, animals, plants, and the environment. Research has proven that excessive logging causes environmental issues like climate change, soil erosion, desertification, and extinction of species, leading to a yearly shrinkage of around 10 million hectares of worldwide forests.

We hope that you can enjoy our furniture with a loving touch, and experience the relaxing moments with your loved ones and friends. In addition, we invite you to join us in protecting our mother land and building a better home together!

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